Fall Open House – a change of seasons


The season is changing and with the cooler weather comes fresh fall merchandise to The Echo Shop.  It is time to empty the store of summer inventory, give it a good scrubbing and put out all fresh things for fall.  While Northern California doesn’t go in for tweeds and wools like the eastern part of the country, we still like to trade our summer colors for the more subdued colors of fall.  The Echo Shop gives everyone the opportunity to change with the season for less money than Macy’s or even Kohls does plus one gets the thrill of the hunt!  After all, isn’t that what resale shopping is all about?  I love to find a bargain that someone else has grown tired of wearing or using.  It might be just the right vase, or book, or item of clothing that is a treasure to me.  We have customers tell us that they have dressed themselves from head to toe at The Echo Shop!

Won’t you join us on Sunday, September 23 from 11:30 – 1:30 and see what treasures your hunt will uncover?

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