The Echo Shop wants you to join the fun of discovery in resale shopping!

The art of resale shopping is frequency and time.  Once one has found a shop that stocks items you like, visit it often!  The Echo Shop has some customers who come in on a regular basis and know that the majority of the time they will find something to purchase. Fresh merchandise is put out daily and there is a sale of some category nearly every week.  That sweater or dress you saw last week might be half off this week! Of course, the other truism about resale shopping is if you see something you love, buy it because it will probably be loved by others and be gone next time you visit!

While finding a great bargain in a quick trip into the shop is certainly fun, spending 20-30 minutes or more will allow you to really peruse our racks and find treasure.  Some of our customers spend even longer with us and discover again the fun of resale shopping.

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